Aim and Works of Christian Contemplative Spirituality Institute

Christian Contemplative Spirituality Institute is an organization formed with an aim to introduce and advocate the value and practice of the contemplative way of life according to the Christian tradition, in the hope to motivate people to contribute to the positive development of humanity. 


By "contemplative spirituality", or "contemplation", we mean an attitude toward life, a way of praying, and a state of being.  "Contemplative spirituality" is an attitude toward life, which grows out of the desire for union with God in love.   With the desire of union with God in love, one does not pursue possession, but instead, dispossession of whatever that may become a replacement of the real joy of union with God.  "Contemplative spirituality" is practiced through interior solitude in everyday life; and it is often expressed in a specific way of praying, which is simple, quiet, and present with God in stillness.  Finally, "contemplative spirituality", or "contemplation", refers to a state of being, where one is fully conscious of one’s life as an expression of God, and where one is more able to surrender all of this life to the All. 


To achieve the aim, the organization works, among others, in the following three main areas:


  1. 1.  To advocate the value of Christian contemplative life through conferences, exhibitions, seminars, lectures, concerts, and liturgical worships.
  3. 2.  To provide reading and research resources on Christian Contemplative life through publication of newsletters, books, monograph, magazines, and also through production of audio-visual materials.
  5. 3.  To direct and guide interested individuals and groups in the practice of Christian contemplative life through training programs and different formats of spiritual guidance.